Project Organization

Three mandatory WPs:
•WP1: Coordination: ISS (CNT and CNS), Italy;
•WP2: Dissemination: OVSz, Hungary;
•WP3: Evaluation: RNDVCSH, Romania;

Seven technical WPs:
•WP4: Vigilance reporting for blood, tissues and cells: IPST, Portugal;
•WP5: International collaboration for Vigilance Communication and Preparation Process Development: ISS – CNT, Italy;
•WP6: Inspection Guidelines for Blood, Tissues and Cells Competent Authorities: ANMS, France;
•WP7: Training of blood, tissues, cells inspectors with sharing of expertise across Member States: ISS – CNS, Italy;
•WP8: Establishment of a framework for Joint inspections: MOH RC, Croatia;
•WP9: A voluntary programme of inter-inspection system auditing: HPRA, Ireland;
•WP10: Implementation of the single European coding system in Tissue establishments: ISS - CNT, Italy;