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3rd Joint Newsletter EuroGTPII_V

2018-01-25 09:09:28

2nd Joint Newsletter EuroGTPII_V

2018-01-25 08:51:52

1st Joint Newsletter EuroGTPII_V

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2017-05-29 18:38:06

WP3: Minute of EAB 1st Meeting

Minutes of two External Advisory Board meetings organized at the end of every day of st Plenary Meeting took place in Rome on April 11- 12th 2017 (ISS Building – Room BOVET) The External Advisory Board anticipated that their common, general impression was good.
2017-05-10 09:42:19

WP5 partA - Deliverable 5.1

"How to select and prepare SARE cases of didactic value for insertion in the Notify Library - a user guide for Competent Authorities" - This user guide provides instructions to facilitate the contribution of the EU Competent Authorities in the fields of blood, tissues, cells and ART to the Notify Library of adverse occurrences in transplantation, transfusion and assisted reproduction. Specifically, the document describes the steps from the selection of case types with didactic value from the annual SARE report to the European Commission, their submission to the Library, the subsequent editorial process and, finally, the publication of the resulting Notify records to the publically accessible database.
2017-05-09 13:21:23


Gantt chart updated (April 2017)
2016-10-14 14:33:56

Focus Strengthening Vigilance i

Health-EU newsletter 181 - Focus Strengthening Vigilance in the field of Substances of Human Origin across the EU by Alessandro Nanni Costa, Director General, Italian National Transplant Centre and Giancarlo Liumbruno, Director General, Italian National Blood Centre
2016-02-05 15:49:46


Gantt chart updated (April 2016)