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Training of Blood, Tissues, Cells inspectors with sharing of expertise across member states

On the basis of the results of the survey developed during the first six months of activity, in strict collaboration with WP6, this WP will design and deliver specialist blended learning training for blood, tissue and cell inspectors, building on the diff

The experience of inspector training in the EUSTITE and EUBIS courses will be taken into consideration. A number of key experts who participated in those programmes will be contracted to contribute to this work.

In the second half of the project the working group will conduct two courses for EU blood, tissues and cells inspectors (month19 and 32). Between the first and second course, the working group will propose the profile of international inspectors with guidelines for international certification of inspectors for participation in joint inspections.
The training course designed and held in this work package will be fully documented. All materials, case studies, examples and lectures will be made available to all Blood, Tissue and Cell Competent Authorities so that they can use them for national or regional inspector training in the future.